Dog Mom

Not only am I a mom to two incredible girls, I’m also a dog mom!

We adopted Henry (our doodle) when he was five months old from a shelter in OH! My sister was working there at the time, and she texted me the minute he came in.

She sent me one photo and I knew he was going to be my boy!

It was kind of a tricky process since we lived out of state. He also had to quarantine for 14 days to make sure he didn’t have any puppy illnesses.

It took a lot of convincing to get my hubby on board though! He wasn’t too excited about the idea of traveling 10 hours there and back to get a dog…

We did it though! January 31, 2019 ( THE coldest day of the year… I actually think it was record lows that month), we made the five hour trek to OH, after both of us worked the morning! We left at about 3 in the afternoon and didn’t arrive home until 1 AM!

We love our boy so much, and he was totally worth the drive!

Fast forward a year and a half, and we got another dog, Adalyn or “Addie” for short!

We knew we wanted another dog, and our oldest daughter BEGGED for a golden retriever. The breed is such a sought after breed, any time you see puppies for sale, they’re gone within days!

We were on a few lists for puppies that would be born this fall, but I have to tell you, getting her was fate.

We actually got her from a good friend and coworker. She is four months old, and the sweetest thing!

Being a dog mom is great! It gives me the extra motivation to get up and be active with my fur babies.

I also feel it’s great to show my kids some responsibility. They love feeling like they are in charge of something.

I think I’m done getting more dogs. We have some many pets it’s hard to keep track!

Thank you so much for reading!

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46 thoughts on “Dog Mom”

  1. Having a dog is so special when you’re a kid! We don’t have one for our kids but we make sure to visit family with dogs so they get their fill.

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  2. Aw, what cute dogs. We just adopted our puppy from a shelter in Texas which is clear across the country from us. I love being a dog mom too.

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  3. I love reading posts about animals! They can be the sweetest. I used to have guinea pigs and I believe that having a pet really changes your perspective on animals. They fill your heart up so much! Golden retrievers are such softies. That’s the kind of dog I would get if I could! 😊

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  4. So cute! I am a “mom of two dogs” and after 11 and 12 years they are still adorable. I can still remember when they were puppies. And yes, they are part of the family!

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  5. This just increased my puppy fever 😭
    I’ve been wanting to get a dog.

    In Zambia, in my community, dogs are seen as vicious animals that are usually bought to protect the household and are never allowed inside the house. That’s how I grew up. I grew up fearful of dogs because all they are taught is to be vicious. Most of them atleast. But now, because of exposure to how people around the world treat their dogs, I’ve learnt they are kind souls that are loving and are great friends.
    I really want a dog. I can’t wait to be a dog mom

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  6. Getting our dog has been one of the best things we’ve ever done. The house may be dirtier but, like you said, it’s made us more active. We’ve explored fells and woods we never would have. We can’t imagine life without him now.

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