Why I Put Myself In Time Out.

It’s been hard lately, I’ll admit it.

I know we hate to admit it as parents but sometimes you just need a break from being so up tight and being frustrated!

No one needs it.

So I put myself in timeout this past week. I sat down and thought of what I need to do differently to be better. To be more present and more understanding.

My son is at the age where he is bossy and learning so many new things. And along with those new things is temper tantrums. Who knew terrible two’s would start at 15 months!

It’s been exhausting. I’ve been short tempered, I haven’t been sleeping well, I’ve been working longer hours then normal. It’s just been an anxiety filled last couple of weeks.

So I put myself in timeout to figure out what needs to change and I came up with a great list!

Number one on my list was a social media break. It’s been fantastic! The relief of not seeing everyone’s opinions and problems can be refreshing when you need it. I can’t believe how toxic social media can be at times for your mental health.

I started my Christmas planning. I am a firm believer on do what makes you happy! And Christmas makes so many of us happy, so why not start decorating early this year?

I also started on my Christmas gift list. I love planning everything out and I really want to go small and meaningful this year. Especially the DIY gifts.

Taking time to get on my sons level and be more patient on what he is trying to tell me or show me even when he is doing it in a tantrum way.

Putting the phones down around my husband more and create time together even if it’s an hour of tv cuddles on the couch before bed. It’s crazy how much you can miss someone you live with when your schedules are always so opposite!

So do yourself a favor and put yourself in time out for a bit. Think of the changes you want to make as we come up on the holiday season and a new year.

There’s always room for improvement and to detox the bad out of your life! And who knew being in time out could be such a good thing as an adult!?

Stay humble and kind my friends!

Healthy and safe!

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29 thoughts on “Why I Put Myself In Time Out.”

  1. We really realized how much we were missing with our busy schedules when the lockdown hit and all of my usual activities were suddenly cancelled. My husband works during the day, and most of my ‘out of the house’ work was happening in the evenings/weekends, so we were like ships passing in the night. Seeing how much we are enjoying this time together is definitely going to have an impact on what we’re doing as we move back into ‘normal’ again, prioritizing our together time.

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    1. Oh I’m so glad you can relate! It can be so frustrating at times so it’s so nice to take a step back and take a minute to yourself! Thank you for reading, it will get better with these littles! ❤️


  2. I love this idea of putting yourself in a time out, sometimes you really do need to force yourself to sit on the naughty step and re-think some things! Thanks for sharing this post with such honesty!

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  3. I put myself in time out when the kids were little too and even started back up again now that they are tweens. It’s a great way to control your own frustrations and to teach your kids that you have needs too. Nice job momma!

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  4. I love this idea. I think its so important to do this – so important to take moment and figure it all out. Aria isn’t speaking at 2, and I can feel myself feeling so incredibly stressed out and worried about. Probably going to go ahead and deactivate social media…time for that time out!

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  5. Hey. Such nice tips there. I need to work out how to do the social media break in a consistent manner. I’m slowly edging towards addiction. And how to spend time doing a little more of things I do just for pleasure.

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    1. I’ve noticed my 10 month old nephew starting to exhibit temper tantrums and other terrible two behaviors. So I can only see him getting worse. I know they say we condition boys to be tough and angry, but sometimes I think it’s just built into certain kids across the board. So it’s hard to deal with natural personalities and it can definitely wear on you. So hang in there!

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  6. It’s clear you’re a mother from the way you gave yourself a “time out” hehe. I do really appreciate this though. You did something that was vital for your mental health and for the rest of your family. When you know how to take care of YOU, you can pour more into others and you’ll still feel refreshed. Thanks for the tips!

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