Embrace The Chaos.

Sometimes I just feel like life flies by right before my eyes but when I look, I’m still sitting in the same spot.

Each day is a new day but it’s the same routine.

So what do I do?

Embrace it.

Embrace the chaos.

That’s my motto for 2021.

The mess of toys.

The long sleepless nights and days.

The dirty laundry.

Dishes needing to be done everyday.

The screams and giggles and little feet padding down the hallway.

The crayon marks, the carpet stains.

Everything under the sun being under your couch. (Literally, I have no clue what some of the things even are…)

And under the stove…

And of course we can’t forget the refrigerator.

The feeling of there’s not enough coffee or wine in the world to help you today.

The deep breath you find yourself taking to keep your patience going.

The ache of your feet after a long day at work.

Embrace it all because how lucky are we to have it? Honestly.

I would never want to imagine a life without it. The chaos.

Embrace it all.

You’ve got this.

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38 thoughts on “Embrace The Chaos.”

  1. I was not embracing it yesterday. I had sensory overload yesterday and my nerves were shot. I’ve been noticing it building lately and I finally had enough.

    Today though I’m embracing all the little things. I guess it was fate that I should read your post this morning. Thanks for the reminder.

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  2. Embrace the crazy messy chaos! For in the end when we are old, those are the days we will reflect on with love and admiration.

    P.s. I don’t think there is enough coffee or wine to get anyone throughout the day

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  3. Great mindset for 2021! I am probably spending too much time trying to control everything, but at the end of the day embracing the chaos is the best way to fully enjoy life. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

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  4. I am right there with you. My kids are tweens now but they still leave things everywhere, roll their eyes, and bicker over everything. Parenting is both the best job and the hardest. You have a great way of looking at it.

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  5. I reckon this is the right mindset to adopt. Control is impossible, and all it seems to do is build stress. It can feel daunting to take a step back and relinquish that hold, but it ultimately might end up not changing anything. As you say, the chaos can be the fun part!


  6. Thank you so much! I totally feel all of this. Sometimes I wish for a more boring life but embracing the chaos is definitely a better choice because I couldn’t imagine life without it at this point.

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  7. I really like this post and yes! I absolutely love the idea of embracing the chaos. If it weren’t for all those little moments in our lives we wouldn’t be who and what we are today so… spot on, embrace it all and love the journey you’re on! 😄

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